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What is IHRDG?

The Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Governance (IHRDG), Spring University Myanmar (SUM)’s first advanced interdisciplinary education center, was formally launched on February 1st, 2022. Our institution was founded with the aim of promoting human rights, federal democracy, and good governance by educating a new generation of change-makers in Myanmar. We believe in transforming our society into a democratic and just one, where individuals of all ages, genders, religions, (dis)abilities, or sexual orientations are treated with respect and dignity. Our focus is on nurturing young professionals who possess the passion and potential to contribute significantly to the development of Myanmar.

Our Team

IHRDG has almost 80 students enrolled in our four diploma programmes. Our world-class faculty consists of 13 lecturers and 11 teaching assistants who are supported by an administrative team of 7.

Infographic of IHRDG team - 2024.png

For general inquiries, please contact or message us via Here.

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