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Our academic year runs from March to November, and applications open in October of the preceding year. Our application period has two parts: (i) Early Admissions, and (ii) Regular Admissions. By applying for the Early Admissions deadline, you have a higher chance of getting admitted and receiving a scholarship.


We will announce applications here and on our Facebook page

Application requirements:

  1. Updated CV (1-2 pages)

  2. Personal statement

  3. Application form

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree from a Myanmar or international university. A strong candidate will also have a demonstrated history of civic engagement, relevant work experience, and/or leadership experience. We may in some cases admit student who have not yet completed their bachelor’s degree if they had their education interrupted and excel in non-academic fields.

How do I write my personal statement:

All diploma programmes require the submission of a 500-word personal statement. This should describe (i) why you are interested in the programme, (ii) why you are a good fit for it, and (iii) how you expect that it will help with your future career plans. A good personal statement should be well-written with good grammar and a clear structure, and we recommend you begin working on it early.

Financial aid:

If you are successfully admitted to one of our diploma programmes, you will automatically be considered for financial aid of up to 100% which is awarded purely based on demonstrated need. Admitted students will be required to fill out a detailed financial aid form to evaluate their financial need.

If you have any questions, please contact the admissions team on

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