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We are working on turning IHRDG into a knowledge-sharing hub for Myanmar Studies. As part of these efforts, we have launched three information-sharing channels (telegram, email newsletter, and youtube channel), and we run an annual seminar series. We are using these programmes to promote a culture of high-quality scholarship, research and writing amongst our students as well as the wider public

Monthly Email Newsletter

Weekly Telegram Newsletter

Delivering recent social science and development research on Myanmar and Southeast Asia, alongside updates on academic events, our monthly newsletter supports our mission of nurturing well-informed leaders. Guided by human rights, good governance, and sustainable development, it caters to diverse interests through research publications, event announcements, and multimedia content. Tap the below button to sing up.

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Tailored for Myanmar's youth, our weekly Telegram updates provide curated news, analysis reports, scholarships, job opportunities, and upcoming webinars. Join hundreds of subscribers and stay well-informed.


IHRDG Seminars

To promote a culture of learning and raise awareness of cutting-edge research in Myanmar studies, we launched the IHRDG Seminar Series in 2022 with support from International IDEA. Esteemed scholars, analysts, and activists, both national and international, were invited to share their latest research on topics aligned with our core domains of human rights, good governance, and sustainable development. All seminars are recorded and available on our YouTube channel. Join us in fostering intellectual growth and advancing knowledge in Myanmar studies.

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