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Students Enrichment 

IHRDG offers several different student support services to enhance their experience at our school. Our flagship initiative, the Student Enrichment Programme, is a co-curricular training programme that runs alongside our regular classes. In 2023, we are organizing 16 different workshops focused on education readiness, professional skill development, and preparation for further studies. This programme is complemented by other student support services, including mental health counseling and guidance counselor services. We also provide additional financial support to students in hardship such as mobile internet data stipends and internship grants.  Overall, these efforts aim to foster personal growth and development for our students that empower them to pursue new opportunities after they leave IHRDG.

Mental Health Counseling

Student Career Guidance Consultation

IHRDG provides highly subsidized  1-on-1 mental health counseling sessions with a trained psychological counselor. This service is available for any student regardless of what they need support with, ranging from general stress to more severe mental health challenges.

IHRDG has a guidance counselor who assists the students with everything ranging from general career advice and application essays to pursuing further studies. The guidance counselor also helps students with editing academic writing samples.  All guidance counselor sessions are completely free of charge.

Student Representative Council

IHRDG has a Student Council that represents the student body in all general matters related to institutional management. The Student Council meets twice per term, and students can raise any general concern or suggestions through their elected student reps. The Student Council is also in charge of extra-curricular clubs and activities.

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