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The ongoing crisis in Myanmar has strikingly disrupted the current educational landscape from various aspects including the shutdown of internet access from time to time in particular regions and states and occasionally cut off of electricity due to several circumstances. This consequently became a significant barrier to access quality education for students in vulnerable communities including but not limited to living in conflicted-affected areas with limited resources. 

This journey begins with the creation of a learning space designed to ensure a user-friendly and engaging one, and which can be accessed via mobile devices in regards to the flexible conditions. The space allows students to continue their education, even when the power is out or the internet is down by providing them with access to educational resources, such as videos, articles, and interactive quizzes, that can be accessed and completed without any limitation. 


Hence, SUM LEARN mobile application, which can be accessed both in Android and iOS versions, is developed to support the students in a way to have continuous learning in the midst of crisis and empower them in transforming their lives and surrounding communities.

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