What is eduLamp?

eduLamp has designed an intervention to help students continue their studies, offering an alternative online learning design with tailor-made informal education contents in the regions with limited internet access across Myanmar.

Scholarship Programme

SUM Scholarship Program is to provide SUM courses such as certificate and vocational courses to conflict effected communities across Myanmar for the purpose of continuing education amidst this coup pandemic

Alternative Programme

Spring University Myanmar has put its focus on empowering the migrants, IDPs, refugees and the vulnerable communities as a part of Alternative Education Programme. The vocational applicable skillsets are the main topics to be delivered to the dedicated communities to let them continue learning through the hard time. Spring University Myanmar has committed to support in social, educational and emotional development of the communities.


Spring University Myanmar (SUM) has a longstanding aim to provide a wide range of facilities and learning experiences for the students. To implement this aim, SUM support the students to fully enjoy virtual campus life. SUM’s virtual campus initiative, namely the Student’s Enrichment Programme, gives the students an opportunity to take part in the extracurricular activities, for the students to learn and try new things as well as to socialize and meet with other students and members from SUM. Some remarkable programs include debate activities, publications, webinar-series, seminar-series, and workshops under a large variety of topics such as mental health, academic writing, scholarship sharing and career-readiness.

Student Enrichment Programme