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About Spring University Myanmar

Who we are

Spring University Myanmar (SUM) was established in May 2021 with a dual mission of supporting the interim education of youths while fundraising for scholars at risk and vulnerable communities amidst the ongoing crisis. SUM consists of 12 schools focusing on a range of disciplines and 182+ faculty members of veteran professors from various public universities as well as practitioners and working professionals from the industry.  

SUM maintains a broad network of local partners and alliances with youth organizations, University Students’ Unions, ethnic education stakeholders, and Ministries of the National Unity Government, and has working relationships with a number of international partners of development agencies and foundations. SUM has also signed MOUs with universities and academic institutions from Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States. With 178,000+ organic followers on Facebook, we have a strong presence on social media through which advocacy projects and awareness campaigns are organised. 

Over the past year, SUM has been advocating for lifelong learning, system strengthening for higher education, alongside Students Unions and interim education providers. SUM envisions to be an open university platform for effective distance education in degree programmes, vocational training, and research and development.

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