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Introduction to

Art Writing:

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Course Summary

Why is art writing and constructive criticism important?

Learn how to systematically  write,  review, critique, and appreciate artworks and exhibitions. Familiarize yourself with essential concepts, theories and problems of the art world. Writing can be either in Burmese, English or any native language you are comfortable in.

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Who should take this class?

Artists, professionals, creative writers, copy-editors, and anyone who has a passion for art and art writing.

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Instructor Bio

Instructor is an art historian, critic and writer with 5 plus  years of experience in the international art world. 

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Week 1: Introduction to Art Writing | The Formal Analysis

Week 2: Concepts of Art Writing | The Comparative Analysis

Week 3: Additional Resources and Theory

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Course Timeline

BATCH 1    March 22 2022 - April 7 2022

BATCH 3    August 24 2022 - September 8 2022

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2021 - 2022

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