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Mon - Basic

Learn Mon Basic

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Course Fee
30,000 MMKs

Course Descriptions

Mon - Mon literature flourished along with the Khmer language since the 5th century and was widely used in the early Bagan period. The Mon language is now spoken in most townships in southern Burma's Mon State and it is also widely used in some townships of Kayin State, Tanintharyi Region, and Bago Region. Mon alphabets are similar to most Burmese alphabets, although the pronunciation is quite different from Burmese. Mon pronunciation is similar to Thai, and Khmer pronunciation. Therefore, those who learned the Mon language can easily learn Thai. Since Mon language is based on Pali language, if you learned Mon language, you will be able to recite the Buddha Dharma verses easily and fluently. The duration of this class is 3 months. There will be two classes and each class will accept 20 students only. The course fee is 30,000 MMK.