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Korean - Basic

Learn Korean Basic

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Course Fee
23,000 MMKs

Course Descriptions

Korean is one of the most popular foreign languages ​​among young people. Due to the influence of K-drama. Due to the success of the K-Pop world, most of the young people in Myanmar are quite familiar with the Korean language.If you are interested in learning a language that you are already familiar with, you will succeed in a short period of time. The Korean Language Course, which will be launched by the University this spring, is intended for beginners. It will start from Basic Level and will be taught in 2 classes. The training period is one and a half months and the course fee is only 23,000 Ks: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to complete Daily Life, Greeting, Introducing, Date and Time in Korean. You are encouraged to register now, as you can choose the time that suits you best with the low tuition fee.