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Karen (Sagaw) - Basic

Learn Karen (Sagaw) - Basic

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Course Fee
30,000 MMKs

Course Descriptions

The Karen people are divided into two major ethnic groups, namely Sgaw Karen and the Pwo Karen (East and West) and in addition, Pa Lay Kee, Kekho, Kebar and other Karen ethnic groups also have their own languages. All of the above languages seem to be derived from the same original language. However, due to the length of time and long distances, the style and portrayal of speech between them are different. Even among the Karen languages, Sgaw Karen, West Pwo Karen and Eastern Pwo Karen languages ​​are the most widely spoken languages. At the end of this course, the students will be able to communicate in a simple, easy-to-understand daily used Sgaw Karen language such as introducing yourself, family, numbers, places, colors and others. The duration of this class is 2 months. There will be three classes and each class will accept 30 students. The course fee is 30,000 Ks.